Here are a list of some of the companies we partner with.

Omni Network Designs We have partnered with Steve Anderson of OND to provide backup support and contract work. Steve is a highly competent both technically and personally. He is thorough and methodical in all he does and is a perfect match to complement our organization!
Virterrus VirTerrus – We have partnered with Aaron Boyd and VirTerrus for Cloud hosting and virtualization consultation. Virtual Desktops or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) are his specialty.
logo-FluentStream FluentStream Technologies provides business phone services. And not just ANY phone service, we are talking EXCELLENT phone service. Believe me, I have been through the ringer with phone companies and these guys are the best in class. With service costing just $17/mo per line all you need is an Internet connection to get going. Their technical support is absolutely the best… typically less than 10 seconds to a support technician that can answer any question or resolve any problem. Give me a call to get started today!
IDrive Remote Backup We have been using iDrive to backup our data for years now. It sure came in handy when we had an untimely server crash! One of our first questions to our clients is, “What would it cost you if your server and all your data was suddenly gone?” Personal accounts (1TB) start at less than $5/mo. You can’t afford not to have this piece of mind backing you up! Be sure to use our referral link when you sign up!
dropbox Left that document in the office and you need to access it? Dropbox is a great way to keep your important documents close to you on your smart phone or portable computer. No need to worry about updating the copy you have in the office as it is automatically synced to the office when you connect to the Internet. You have a large QuickBooks file you need to send to your accountant and it is too big to send via email? Simply send them a secure link to the document in your Dropbox and they can download it immediately. So many great uses for this cloud storage! Get a free 2GB account by signing up! Be sure to use our Dropbox referral link!
You need a domain name but don’t want to be over sold? We have been using Hover (used to be Tucows) for about 10 years now and we like it for it’s clean interface and simple pricing and no gimmicks or sleazy tricks (are you listening GoDaddy?). Domain names are $15/year period. Use our Referral Link and save $2 on your domain purchase.
Dell Partner We strongly recommend a solid, reliable computer for your business or personal use. You don’t need some cute toy with a bunch of bells and whistles we don’t need or use or fail in the first year. That is why we have partnered with Dell. If you find something you like on Dell’s website then give us a call. We can always match the price and occasionally we can beat it.  Franky, we don’t make a lot on selling computers and would make more by selling you one that would break often — but that isn’t why we are here. We want you to LOVE technology as much as we do! We know how to configure a computer so it performs like it should. Computers should be a tool not make you feel like one.
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